Monday, August 1, 2011

I can't believe that I'm having to say this.

(Forgive the scattershot form of this post. I'm too pissed off to edit.)

So I spent a lovely weekend with wonderful people doing things that I love. When I left on Friday, there was no debt deal. Even though it is a silly debate to begin with, due to the clause in the 14th amendment stating that the president is the baws in this kind of situation, and popular support is behind the democrats, and et cetera, I was confident that the republicans would be able to see that their opinion wasn't sustainable and the democrats wouldn't get much of what they wanted, but at least it wouldn't be a wash out.

Then I came home and cruised some news sites. The republicans have gotten away with it. Again. I'm about to speak to the democrats, so I hope I can be forgiven for all my effluent.



You spineless, whimpering, toads. You excrement. For the first time in a long time I'm madder at you than I am at the republicans. You shit-for-guts useless backstabbing weasels. All the support I gave you, all the times I defended you against the ridiculous accusations of "both parties are the same," all the ways that I can prove that what's going on is going to kill the country, all the ways that the hypocrisy on the right is so blatant, obvious, and fucking out-and-out stupid... You still do this. You give them what they want. At a time when most of the country was supporting you in saying that the republican debt was the REPUBLICANS fault, that holding the country hostage and playing this dangerous game was bad for the right and made the left look reasonable, when the entire world was waiting on pins and needles because our ridiculous, unsustainable form of economy is somehow a linchpin for the rest of the world's money systems, when... FUCK. Does it even matter to you anymore?

You were elected because you said you were DIFFERENT than them! You wanted to champion causes that helped EVERYONE, not just the top five percent. I can't believe I believed in you. Sure, you lost the majority in the house in 2010, but that's because of idiots like Glenn Beck and the people who follow him. They're upset that the white house isn't white anymore. FUCK THEM. They're a fringe element with a very loud voice. They're idiots. They don't want the government to touch their entitlements that the government gives them. You really want people with that kind of cognitive dissonance in their heads rushing to the head of a major political party? No you do not.

Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you FUCK YOU!!!!!

I am so sick of living in a country that's run by the elite who say they're down to earth on behalf of the down to earth who say that they're elite! THE WAY THINGS ARE HAPPENING ISN'T WORKING. THE ONLY THING TO DO NOW IS CHANGE IT. THIS IS NOT A FUCKING DIFFICULT CONCEPT... PLEASE ADJUST YOUR METHODS.

Capitulating isn't working. When Boehner says "move closer to us and we'll move as well" he means "move closer to us and we'll move farther away from you." If you're not gonna use your fucking brains and learn that 1.) The whole world thinks we're complete morons; 2.) The whole world is terrified of the little political games you keep letting the right win; 3.) We're the only industrialized country whose quality of life is on the whole miserable and getting worse; 4.) We've tried this "tiny government" thing before in the early 1900's and it led to some of the worst decades our country has experienced; 5.) IF WE DON'T START TRYING TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE SOON WE'RE NOT GONNA HAVE MUCH OF A WORLD LEFT!!!!!, then please step down and let the republicans hurry up and destroy the country. I'm almost done with this shit. I'll continue to vote for you... despite the evidence, you have the most power to get the whole thing straightened out, but I'll be voting for you drunk. Because like an anonymous, drunk screw, doing it will fill me with shame and regret almost immediately afterwards. Why?

Because fuck you, that's why.

Song of teh post: Eve of Destruction, by Barry McGuire
Hope of teh post: Hope? Don't make me laugh. My throat is sore from screaming.