Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The little things in life

Sorry about this, but I woke up on the wrong side of someone else's bed this morning. For some reason, today things are really getting on my nerves. So I'mma do it to you...

The little things in life that will accumulate in my psyche until I become a serial killer (hardly a complete list):

-Being honestly intrigued about the legalization of certain drugs, the effects that that would have on our culture, economy, and justice areas (prison population in particular), and being very curious about the arguments on both sides of the issue, even though I'm fairly certain I'm for it, then trying to research it and finding most of the websites concerning it are by stoners who can't string a sentence longer than "Legalize it!" together, along with pictures of dried bunches of purple/green leaves.

-On a related note, people who justify their drug use as "expanding mind" bull. It seems that they must have a enlightenment based reason for their desire to get high. Just be honest and admit you like getting messed up, not caring for a while, and checking out of your normal state of mind for a bit. Don't make it sound like you're doing this for the good of humankind. Toke, sleep, go back to work. You are not a shaman.

-Having to explain that my choice of not usually eating meat doesn't threaten the livelihood of the person I'm in a conversation with, their personal/political views, or their gender identity, nor does it insult them, their mother's name, their favorite color, the shirt they're wearing, or the lineage of us as humans, nor does it make me think I'm superior to them, haughty, stuck up, or better than them. I just don't dig meat most times.

-There: a word directing to a place/area
They're: the combination of "They" and "Are"
Their: The plural possessive/ past indefinite antecedent when gender is unknown
Your: a form of the possessive case of "you"/ belonging to someone else
You're: the combination of "You" and "Are
Then: relating to time/ relating to "if/then" indirect relative comparisons
Than: direct comparison
If you're an idiot because of your inability to understand the above, then there is a place for you... the nice young men in their clean white coats will be there soon, and they're more gentle to you than I'll ever be.

-Phrases that start out "I'm not xxxxxx, but..." because they're invariably xxxxxx.

-Preferential treatment of religiosity. Tax exempt status for churches, the obligatory prayer at most meetings, accepting "it's my faith" as a legitimate viewpoint, indoctrination of children, even drug use as legal for those who profess a certain traditional faith. This does nothing but give people a false sense of persecution when it is mentioned that religion should stay out of government/public works.

-People who confuse faith and proof. Seeing is believing, but believing is not knowing. Believing is never knowing. Strange, but true.

-People who swear an oath of loyalty to a computer brand. "The soulless, faceless, greedy multinational corporation that manufactured my computer in a huge factory overseas is WAY better than the soulless, faceless, greedy multinational corporation that manufactured YOUR computer in a huge factory overseas!!!"

-People who complain about how government sucks, will never work right, can't do anything right, and is wholly evil and corrupt who then vote into power people who complain about how government sucks, will never work right, can't do anything right, and are wholly evil and corrupt, who then do their best to make sure that government sucks, will never work right, can't do anything right, and is wholly evil and corrupt.

Ahhhh... I feel better.

Song of teh post: Wrong Prayer, by Jaydiohead
Words of teh post: Then, Than, Your, You're, Their, They're, There. It's really not that hard.

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